05 April 2017 @ 10:36 am
Title: for the half of ourselves we have lost
Pairing: Clint Barton/Natasha Romanov, Clint Barton/Natasha Romanov/Laura Barton, Laura Barton/Natasha Romanov, Laura Barton/Clint Barton
Warnings: no specific warnings, heed the few specific warnings on specific chapters
Rating: Mature
Author's Notes: This is the third installment in my OT3 series and it's finally complete. You don't need to read the other stories to read this one, which picks up after AOU and during/after the events of Civil War.

Natasha says, "No matter what happens, this family will always be the one thing we have. We’ve all put each other through too much shit to let anything come between us.”

Clint says, “You know what it means to owe a debt, Nat.”

[a family picking up the pieces, before and after the war]

Read on AO3.
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