Hey all, I am doing art for [livejournal.com profile] marvel_bang and am having a helluva time finding the right picture of Scarlett to finish it. I need her looking normal professional - and I think the white blouse/slacks combo she was in for Iron Man 2 right before she kicks Happy's butt in the ring would be perfect.

Unfortunately EVERYTHING I've found either has her hanging on the ropes of the ring, or is a total close up which I don't know if I need yet. I did find one of her holding the file, but it's horribly blurry and doesn't really help either.

And typical me luck - Iron Man 2 is the only Marvelverse film I DON'T Have yet, so I can't go screencap it for myself even.

So please - help me F-list-Kenobi! You're my only hope!

ETA: And damn ALREADY got linked to exactly what I needed. Best. Bar. Ever.
So I already had some of this in mind before this post came about. I probably would have had this done sooner, but life has been a beyatch this past week. *sigh*

Anyhoo, this bit of kissage is just a snippit of an as yet unnamed Clint/Nat fic I'm working on that is a follow-up to the promptathon fic I wrote, "In from the Cold".

To situate y'all in this, Clint & Nat are on their first mission together playing lovers. They're in Budapest (surprise, surprise ;) at a ball to meet up with a contact, and when they're leaving the ball Nat sees an old associate Yuri who would not be very happy to see her again. She drags Clint down what ends up being a dead end hallway, and, well, guess what she decides to do to hide herself from Yuri. ;) Oh, and in my head cannon Clint & Nat don't necessarily play nice early on in their working relationship.

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07 September 2012 @ 11:08 am
Greetings, thou of the Honorable 547...

If your week's been anything like mine, I think we could all use a good old-fashioned picspam. (And if an impromptu dance party breaks out, well, we all knew the risks.) In other news, we are up to 496 official members, and I know it goes without saying but it's not gonna stop me---I LOVE EVERYONE IN THIS BAR.

**sends virtual tackleglomps and high fives through the interwebs**

And now, onto All Things Highly Problematic. You know the drill. Have a seat, grab a fan and a cold beverage, smoke 'em if you got 'em and take deep breaths.


30 August 2012 @ 04:23 pm
Because it's been a really long day, and because I think we all could use a pick-me-up, and because I'd never seen this pic before and because, well, REASONS.


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