13 October 2014 @ 11:08 am
Oh dear. It has been a while, hasn't it? My apologies.

Let us move forward, because there is much to talk about! The first being Clint's cameo in Black Widow #10. Did it give you sufficient feels? I certainly had the feels. Following that issue, we had a fun team up between Natasha and Wolverine's protege, X-23.

The past two months also gave us another Kate-centric issue of Hawkeye, and the first two issues of Hawkeye vs. Deadpool, which surprisingly I enjoyed, given my usual indifference to Deadpool. It's nice to see another comic acknowledge Clint's deafness.

The past weekend also gave us much news thanks to New York Comic-Con! The first being that while Matt Fraction and David Aja's run on Hawkeye is sadly coming to a close, there will be a new Hawkeye book featuring a new creative team next March. I'm not familiar with the new team's previous work, but people who are seem to be excited, so this is good news!

The Women of Marvel panel also provided exciting news for our favourite Marvel lady. There's going to be a Black Widow young adult novel written by Margaret Stohl. No movie announcements, but this is still interesting, right? The Women of Marvel panel also saw the announcement of a Gamora ongoing comic written by Nicole Perlman (the initial scriptwriter for Guardians of the Galaxy) and the announcement that G. Willow Wilson will take over writing duties for the all-female X-Men team. G. Willow Wilson is already doing a fabulous job on Ms Marvel, so this is great news.

And to finish off this post, Phil Noto, aka the amazing artist for Black Widow, announced that Marvel has commissioned a series of variant covers from him next year. It's great to see Noto's talent appreciated. He gave us a sneak preview of his variant covers, including one for Black Widow. And what a cover it is.

Yes, Natasha is wearing Clint's shirt.

Bear in mind that this is a variant cover (ie. not the offical cover), so the cover doesn't necessarily have any bearing on the comic's contents. But still, I expect appropriate squeeing to commence.
08 August 2014 @ 10:07 am
*facepalm* I'm so sorry that this is so late. I got distracted by Promptathon (which is going really well, keep it up, guys!).

July gave us the prettiest issue of Black Widow yet, and finally, another issue of Hawkeye! And what an issue it was.

Elsewhere we had the first issue of the new Storm ongoing, and an issue of Ms. Marvel that may go down as the most adorable superhero comic ever. I was grinning from start to finish.

As August's issue of Black Widow has already been released, feel free to discuss it in the comments as well. Next month, Clint gets a cameo!
30 June 2014 @ 11:28 pm
Goodness gracious, this month has flown by fast!

This month we had Black Widow #7, which featured Natasha having a run in with Daredevil. We also had some news about the Hawkeye series, namely, that the delays have been due to complications in the personal lives of the creative team. The next issue should be out next month... maybe.

However, the big news this month was the reveal of the cover and solicit for Black Widow's September issue:


Yes, that is who you think it is! The solicit includes: "Because you demanded he shows up in more than just two panels: Black Widow v.s. Hawkeye!"

You know what that means, guys? Not only is Clint going to appear in Natasha's book again, we're going to have an entire issue of Clint-as-drawn-by-Phil-Noto. Oh my.
30 May 2014 @ 10:04 pm
Hello bar!

This month gave us a treat in Black Widow #8: an unexpected (and hilarious) Clint cameo! I think you'll all agree with me when I say that Clint-as-drawn-by-Phil-Noto is hot as fuck. The rest of the issue was great, serving both as a wrap up of the first arc and setting Natasha on her path for the next story. There was a lovely moment between her and Maria Hill, and she finally let in the cat!

Still no Hawkeye, I'm afraid, but Clint did have a major role in this month's issue of Avengers, where he met his future self.
Oh dear. It's been a little while, hasn't it? It's entirely my fault, real life and planning Remix was a big distraction and for that, I am sorry.

This month saw the plot of Black Widow really get going, introducing new villains and increasing the role of Maria Hill. Solicits for the upcoming arc beginning in June seem to indicate that more figures from Natasha's history are due to appear. Edmondson was asked about Clint, and his answer was along the lines of "I won't say anything until August solicits, but you'll see some more familiar faces." August solicits are due out late in May. I'd say there's a good chance Clint will be making an appearance in Natasha's book!

Unfortunately, Hawkeye is still plagued by delays.

Elsewhere in Comic Book Land, April saw the release of Elektra #1. Even if you know next to nothing about Elektra (like me), it's worth giving a look for the art alone. Black Widow and Elektra have the best art in all of Marvel right now, in my humble opinion.
Whoops! Last month got derailed by preparation for the Valentine's Promptathon (AND IT WAS AWESOME), and the end of February coincided with some Stuff in my life so this post slipped my mind until now. Never mind, that means we get two discussion posts this month!

February was a big month for Clint and Natasha. Black Widow #3 was released and we finally got another Clint-centric issue of Hawkeye. Elsewhere, Shit Went Down in Secret Avengers. In further comics news, February also saw the release of Ms Marvel #1 and She-Hulk #1, to great critical and fan acclaim.

March is another big month in comics, with Black Widow #4 being released later in the month and Secret Avengers being relaunched next week I believe. The previews for Secret Avengers #1 show Clint crashing Natasha and Jessica Drew's spa day.

30 November 2013 @ 09:42 am
Hello, and welcome to our second Monthly Comics Discussion Post!

The comics were fairly light on Clint this month (he'll get a better showing in December), so I thought I'd take the opportunity to talk some more about the upcoming Black Widow comic in 2014. I already posted the cover for issue #1 here, so take a look at the cover for issue #2.


I think you'll all agree with me that that is fucking gorgeous.

Think that's all? Take a look at the the cover for #3 under the cut:

Black Widow #3 )

Artist Phil Noto also released this promo image of Natasha looking ever so stylish in civilian attire, with the key words "Ex-KGB, SHIELD Operative, Avenger, Master Spy, Highly Trained, Killer." If anything, this book won't pull punches. ;)

We also had our very first glimpse at the interior art. There are wolves involved.

Here is one of the first interviews with the writer, Nathan Edmondson.  Here's an intriguing quote:

"I revel most in the little personal moments; her moments alone at home, meetings with her attorney, interactions with animals."

Hmmm... Pizza Dog, perhaps?

This is another interesting interview.

Interviews indicate that Natasha will be working alone for the first arc or two, but team ups with other heroes are planned, so a Clint cameo is a good possibility! Hopefully more information will be released throughout December in preparation for the book's launch, but so far the comic promises to be fairly light on continuity and self-contained, much in the same vein as Matt Fraction's Hawkeye. This makes it a good jumping on point if you haven't read about Natasha in the comics before.

The first issue will be released on January 8, the second later in the month. From then on the comic will ship monthly.

For more Ladies In Comics, Captain Marvel relaunches in March, which is more classic cosmic superhero antics complete with punching dinosaurs. February sees the release of She-Hulk, which appears to be lighthearted, day-in-the-life stuff, and Ms Marvel, which looks to be more teen oriented and centres on a brand new character, Kamala Khan. Elektra launches in March, and will have a much darker tone by the looks of things. 2014 is shaping up to be a good year for female superheroes!

Will you be picking up the Black Widow series? Want to discuss your thoughts and wishes for the comic? What would your ideal Black Widow comic involve? And will she walk Pizza Dog? Discuss!
30 October 2013 @ 10:26 pm
In our ongoing efforts to bring squee to the community, behold our inaugural Monthly Comics Discussion Post!

The way it works: At the end of each month, we will interrupt our regular MCU-centric programming to talk about all things related to Clint and Natasha in the comics. Comics that were released during the month, comics you're currently reading, comics you've read and wish to discuss, etc. If you'd like to squee about comics not related to Clint or Natasha, we're okay with that. If comics are not your thing, we're okay with that too!

Come January, Clint and Natasha will each have their own ongoing comics. They are on the same team in Secret Avengers. This is all exciting stuff that deserves celebration.

Interested in reading about Clint and Natasha in the comics but don't know where to start? Here are some recs! )

Please note that this is by no means an essential or exhaustive list, and we welcome further recommendations in the comments. Most comics can be found in trade paperback format on Amazon, Book Depository or your local comic bookstore, and individual issues can be found online on sites such as Comixology, or at your local comic bookstore.

What are your favourite Clint and/or Natasha comics? Tell us about them!

While some comics are harder to come by, please don’t post torrent links in the comments.