14 September 2015 @ 11:05 pm
31 days, 783 comments on 11 comments pages, 33 36 fills, and that's the end of Promptathon 2015! Huge amounts of thanks to everyone who prompted, created, beta read, commented, did cheerleading, and took part. Take a bow, best bar, for a fantastic promptathon!

(If you didn't add any of your fills to the masterlist post, please do comment with them.)

The masterlist is now up below, so we can have all the shiny in one place and catch up on the ones we missed. Moving forwards, you can still create things for prompts and you can now post them at any time to the comm like you usually would, but they won't count as part of promptathon.

And that's a wrap!

Yes, that time has arrived. Well, a day late. :P My sincerest apologies.

Sharpen your writing quills and drink up the coffee, it's time to head over to our Promptathon 2015 post and start posting those fills!

Please read our posting guide, reposted here for your convenience:


1. Respond in a comment to the prompt you are filling. Try and post the entire work in the comment (if it's short enough), or if not, post a link. Do not post works to the comm. We’re all about one-stop shopping, so try and post in the main promptathon post if the length allows. If it is too long to post in the promptathon post, consider posting the first section as a teaser and then a link (because that's always fun too.)

2. Label your submission in the subject line with FILL, the type of fanwork, your title, and any warnings. Example: FILL fic: 5 Times Clint and Natasha Were Awesome (PG) When filling in the subject line, you may need to view the comm in it's original style (if you don't already). Just make sure you can see a subject line when responding with your submission.

3. Be sure to leave ratings and warnings (if any) in the subject line. (See example above.) Help us out and make sure folks know what they're clicking on. Thoughtfulness = LOVE. If the ratings or the warnings won't fit in the subject line, just leave them at the top of your post. If you don't want to include warnings, please put 'I choose not to warn' in the subject line, or at the top of the post if it doesn't fit.

4. Please put anything NSFW under a cut or link. Put any spoilers under a cut or link with an appropriate warning.

7. Leave a comment in the Masterlist Post with: the prompt you filled (copy and paste, or link) and a link to YOUR FILL/FILL THREAD IN THE PROMPTATHON. We get a lot of prompts ad this helps us to keep the Masterlist up to date so you don’t miss out on the brilliant fanworks! Your mods will thank you ;)

If you miss the submission cut-off date you can always post directly to the comm, but let's wait a couple of days first. We don't want to get flooded with new posts right out of the gate. For now, let's try and keep all of the action at the actual promptathon post.

And, as always, the usual Community Rules apply.

So once you've submitted your fill at the Promptathon post, please comment here with a link to your fic. We will be watching the Promptathon post carefully, but it's a huge help for us if you link your fic here too.

Happy writing, happy reading, happy everything!
07 August 2015 @ 09:58 pm
Welcome to one of the most eagerly-anticipated events on the [livejournal.com profile] be_compromised calendar! Are you excited yet???

Just before we get started we do have some info and rules we’d like you to read…

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TODAY: Prompting starts!
FRIDAY 14th AUGUST: wait for it, wait for it, look out for the announcement and the masterlist/fills post… FILLS OPEN
WEDNESDAY 19th AUGUST: Prompts close (yes, prompts and fills will overlap for a bit) PROMPTS ARE NOW CLOSED
SUNDAY 6th SEPTEMBER: Promptathon ends



If you have any questions about anything feel free to ask! We have a questions thread in the post below and you can always comment to or PM a mod.


Thanks to everyone who prompted, created, and commented!

Please make sure you link to your fills on the Masterlist Post - everythings should be unspammed - and then look out for a shiny masterlist coming soon.

You can still create things for prompts, but they won't count as part of promptathon. You can post them to the comm as per usual, but please give it a couple of days first to give us chance to recover from promptathon and so the comm doesn't get flooded with fiC.