08 April 2016 @ 05:31 pm
This is a little off-topic but I thought that this would be a really interesting topic to discuss. So, members of this great bar, do you think that Marvel should also follow in Deadpool's footsteps and start to make R movies?

I personally loved Deadpool and had a great time watching the movie but some people who brought their young children to the movies were angry that it had a lot of bad words and stuff.  Obviously, because it was R, that was to be expected but should superhero movies even be R when a good majority of the fanbase is younger than 17?

Also, feel free to talk about other MCU movies and think of this as a general movie discussion!

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2) Fic and artwork needs to have a rating and warnings (or you can say that you’ve chosen not to use warnings).
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4) Have a damn good time! (Because if that’s not happening then this post has clearly failed.)
04 February 2016 @ 02:03 pm
Hello best bar! I hope the New Year is treating everyone well -- I can't believe it's February already!

I'm hoping you can help me find a fic I've been looking for for the past few days. It's Clint/Natasha and I'm pretty sure I read it over on fanfiction.net. It's a post-Avengers fic and deals with Natasha not being able to sleep well or at all unless it's with Clint -- platonic at first. I can only recall a couple of scenes -- one where they meet up for a few days between missions and spend the whole time in bed, or rather a mattress on the floor because of the window sight-lines in the cabin where they're staying. They even make a game out of getting various things from around the the cabin without actually getting off the mattress. The other scene is at the end and they're racing back to their hotel from a run and I think Natasha beats Clint back to the room.

Anybody have any ideas? Thanks!
16 February 2015 @ 11:59 pm
Hey best bar!

Does anybody know where this photo of Jeremy Renner came from? I've discovered how addictive Polyvore can be and would like to work this photo into a set, but need to upload the photo from a source site?

Click for the Photo )
24 October 2014 @ 11:26 pm
Okay best bar in town. I need some help finding a fic. I think it was a fill for one of the Promptathons, but I'm not sure. It's a 5 five times fic and the topic was something along the lines of 5 times an Avenger waited with Clint and/or Natasha. Or it may have been 5 times Steve waited with Clint and/or Natasha. And I think one of the times was with Steve and Natasha on the helicarrier during Avengers.

Thats all the clues I've got -- sound familiar to anyone?

Thanks in advance and Happy Weekend!
I have been cruising the web lately looking for Clint/Natasha stuff and ran across a photoset somewhere of Clint as Robin Hood and Natasha from The Other Boleyn girl I think, but with the long blonde hair, and there was some text at the bottom about the AU. I can't seem to find it again. Has anyone seen this?
Hello, hello, hello! In case you haven’t noticed Promptathon 2013 is here and happening!!! July 17th is the deadline for posting prompts. We’re also taking prompts for this month’s banner challenge with deadlines of July 21st for posting prompts and July 26th for responding with banners! Yes, folks, this IS prompting time!

But what, you may be asking, is all the fuss about prompts? How do people go about prompting? How do there come up with their prompts, or find their inspiration? When it comes to filling prompts, how strictly do people stick to them? What grabs people’s attention? Why are people so excited???

And then you might have specific questions to this promptathon: Can I use more than one prompt in one fill? Do fills have to be fics, or can they be other things like art, fanmixes, icons, wallpapers, and so on? If a prompt has already been filled can I still fill it as well? (To which the answers are: yes, yes, and yes!)

New to this bar or never done a promptathon before? HELLO! You have so much fun ahead :D Say hi and someone will fetch you a drink.

Bring your ideas and thinky thoughts (for which we have much love!), your questions (there is no such thing as a silly question!), your excitement and enthusiasm (I love everyone in this bar!) because IT’S PROMPTATHON TIME.

ATTF will now be on hiatus until after promptathon has finished. Keep your eyes peeled for a new sign up sheet coming to a comm near you soon.

Things to remember:
1) Always label NSFW (Not Safe For Work) stuff in the title and post under a cut.
2) Fic and artwork needs to have a rating and warnings (or you can say that you’ve chosen not to use warnings).
3) For people with annoying internet connections, say in the title if a comment is graphic/images/gif-heavy and post picspams under a cut.
4) Have a damn good time! (Because if that’s not happening then this post has clearly failed.)
28 June 2013 @ 11:48 pm
Hoping someone can help me... I'm a pinch-hit artist on a bigbang and the art's due at the end of the weekend.

I'm looking for a screencap from Bourne Legacy: specifically, the photo of Kenneth Kitsom (the former Aaron Cross) in his Army Dress uniform.

Otherwise, anyone know where I can get a picture of Jeremy in a 1940's suit, or a suit that's classic enough to pass for it? (Corresponding pic of Scarlett would be appreciated too.)

I can work on another idea or two in the meantime, but I'd really like to do a Blackhawk themed piece.
Hello again, it's me. And I am, once again, hosting ATTF this week.

The theme for this ATTF is simple; Rec everything that isn't fic and also ask questions about EVERYTHING.

You found and/or made an awesome Clint Barton fanmix? Share! You made a pattern for Hawkeye gloves? Share! You found some amazing Natasha fanart? Share! ANYTHING THAT ISN'T FIC, SHARE IT HERE

And, if you want to ask about comics? Ask here! You want to make a Nat cosplay? Ask here! You're going to a con and want to know what to expect? Ask here! FREE FOR ALL, ASK AWAY. This is THE Free For All. This is when we pool all our collective knowledge and help people out with Clint, Nat, Avengers and comic related things.

And tell as well! If you think you have and/or know something that maybe others don't and/or should, tell us. SHARE YOUR WISDOM, OH PATRONS OF THE BAR.

Things to remember:
1) Always label NSFW (Not Safe For Work) stuff in the title and post under a cut.
2) Fic and artwork needs to have a rating and warnings (or you can say that you’ve chosen not to use warnings).
3) For people with annoying internet connections, say in the title if a comment is graphic/images/gif-heavy and post picspams under a cut.
4) Have a damn good time! (Because if that’s not happening then this post has clearly failed.)


So I will start. (This is not definitive and I will add anything useful that other people know and I don't. I am much newer to this comics business than many of the people in this comm, and I wouldn't dare presume I know even 1% of the massive thing that is The Comics Industry). So! Onwards!

You want to try comics? I can help you with that! )

Some other things
> copperbadge has some really good primers for the Marvel universe in their sidebar.
> [art] The only thing more attractive to me than David Aja's Clint Barton is when-it-rains-it-snows' Clint Barton [some slightly NSFW and some Clint/Kate, just fyi]
> [art] a truly fantastic Black Widow film poster by alicexz. It's so beautiful I want it on my wall.
> The Hawkeye Initiative, if you didn't already know about it. Created in December of 2012, The Hawkeye Initiative uses Clint Barton as well as other male comic characters to illustrate how contorted and hyper-sexualized women are commonly drawn in comics.
> [art] the wonderful euclase has done a load of Marvel characters. Also Bruce. And Pepper, Steve Rogers and Natasha, reuploaded with permission.
> [music] a load of Marvel mixes by leemillers (various characters and pairings: Clint/Natasha | Natasha | Clint )
> [music] the Avengers mixes collected from all over tumblr by fanmixes.
> [music] Clint Barton mixtape by osgiliaths on tumblr, based on the Fraction/Aja comics.

A couple of questions
> does anyone know where I could get a pattern to modify to make this jacket? (Because reasons...)
> as a matter of sheer curiosity, does anyone know how con people managed to get such awesome and realistic outfits? I mean, have you seen some of those Iron Man outfits? How do they do it?
> does anyone know of any (preferably British) companies that print tshirt designs cheaply and well?

I will try, once this has run its course, to compile any and all useful information from the comments in this post into one handy post with headings and categories and what have you. Then it can be linked or used as a useful info post or whatever.

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15 May 2013 @ 12:25 pm
Does anyone know of any Clint/Nat stories where Natasha falls for Clint first? I'm just interested to see how that might happen.
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HAPPY ENDING: thank you so much to forget_why, who managed to get the song to me! This is the Very Best Bar!

Yes, this is slightly ridiculous. But isn't it nice that our Bar is the kind of place where the members feel comfortable with making ridiculous requests?

A few weeks back, I came up with an idea for an Avengers fanmix. It was my fastest ever assembled mix, in fact - I had the tracklisting settled in less than an hour, and I spent fifteen minutes sourcing pics for the covers, and another fifteen making them. The only problem? I can't get my hands on one of the songs!!!

Specifically, 'The Skyscraper Blues' by Tony Bennett.

I can't seem to find it, or the only album it's on ('Hometown, my town') on any free websites - not even Pirate Bay! I can't find this CD at any of the libraries I'm a member of (and one of them is now on an interlibrary network, which means it's not in about 20 libraries!). I would be happy to buy this off amazon or similar, but... amazon and iTunes won't sell you anything downloadable unless you have a US account, including a legitimate US address and US-issued credit card/itunes voucher. Amazon.uk is the same, only substitute 'United Kingdom'. I can't find this song on iTunes Australia at all, and... to be honest, even if I could I wouldn't because the 60% markup for the exact same damn song/mp3file you would buy in the US offends me on a personal level.

I could change the song, maybe, but it's so damn fitting!!!

So anyway, is there anybody out there who has a copy of this song they could upload to rapidgator, mediafile or similar so I could download it? If there's someone out there willing to buy it I'm happy to pay you back, or even swap music, if there's some rare music you're looking for that I might have or be able to source? Heck, I'll write some BlackHawk fic on request if you'd like!

*puppy dog eyes* Pretty, pretty, please, with my almost-finished (and completely sourced) BlackHawk fanmix on top??
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16 January 2013 @ 09:26 pm
Where Clint and Natasha go undercover as a particularly affectionate just-married couple... they end up having sex on a chair in their bugged hotel room, partially to keep their cover, partially because they want to (it's the first time they've had sex).

Sound familiar to anyone?
13 January 2013 @ 02:27 pm
So I noticed the other day that another community did awards, like fanfic awards, and best art awards, and stuff like that. It seemed like a great way to celebrate some of the amazing stuff that's posted on this community. I was just curious if there's something similar here, and if not, was it something people would be interested in?

EDIT: Maybe we could do like an epic bookmark thing instead? Everyone goes through favorite fics till we have like the biggest rec list ever from every category, including art. Then it's not a competition?
11 January 2013 @ 06:52 pm
So I'm looking for a fic, that I think was posted here at some point, but I can't seem to find it. It was a Queen's Thief AU with Clint as Gen and Natasha as Attolia. I read it maybe around the time of the ficathon? But yeah, I've actually read the source material now so I'd quite like to reread it and I didn't bookmark it anywhere D: Any help would be appreciated!
23 December 2012 @ 06:03 pm
Hey all! We're in the final hours of prep to start posting tomorrow, but I have a question/need help! We have at least one vid thus far under our "tree", and I'm trying to figure out a way to upload it anonymously so it can be streamed without giving away the vidder's identity until the reveal.

Does anyone know of a way to do so? I suppose that if all else fails I can use my YouTube account and just make lots of disclaimers that it's not my work, but I'd prefer another option if there is one. Thanks! :D
09 December 2012 @ 11:07 am
Hello all!

We've got about a week and a half to go until time to turn in your Secret Santa gifts, so I wanted to do a quick Check-In post and get an idea of a. what people are doing (this will help me plan the posting schedule) and b. how close y'all are to done.

We want all the entries in as promptly as possible, but if you think you might need some kind of extension, please please please let us know ASAP.

First, for the check-in:

Please copy and paste the code below into a comment and fill in your responses. I've set up the comments as "screened" so that I and the mods are the only people who can see them. (Though please keep in mind that the mods are playing, too, so don't mention who you're making a gift for. We want everything to be a surprise!)

Second: Reminders

Submissions are due December 20th, by 11 pm (whatever your local time is).
Please do not post your gifts/submissions on your own journals or other archives until *after* the reveal date. Since this is an annonymous exchange we'll be posting the fics and art directly to the comm at first.

(I'm working on setting up an AO3 collection, and will have more information about that when I post the submission guidelines.)

Submissions should be in plain text with simple html mark-up for things like italics and bold text. [livejournal.com profile] inkvoices did a fantastic tutorial on basic html mark-up here.

If you are writing/creating a community treat, you are welcome to post those all month long. Community treats are not anonymous and also don't have to wait until after the 20th. :D
03 December 2012 @ 02:24 pm
Hey everyone!

I hope it's all right to just go ahead and post like this - if not, just shout at me, I can take it.

I am brand-spanking new to the fandom and, therefore, the community. I've always had it in the back of my mind to get my teeth into the Avengers fandom (especially Clint/Natasha), but kinda never dared to. But after a recent Avengers rewatch, I just had to. Not to mention the fact that I watched basically every Renner movie under the sun this weekend ... Momma needs MOA Renner/Clint.

But first, maybe a bit more about me? Am 24, from Germany and/or England (It's a bit confusing ...), started out eons ago in the HP fandom (Yahoo groups and shipping wars for the win!), high-jacked myself through the Pirates, Doctor Who and Buffy fandom (and a LOT of other little ones on the side ...) and recently got a little too involved in everything Nathan Fillion (And if Whedon doesn't give him a role in Avengers 2, I'm gonna do ... things) and, well. I love my movies and my TV Shows with a passion xD So, 'nuff 'bout meself :P

To get my bearings in a new fandom, I typically start off with reading fic and hence - it would be absolutely brilliant if you guys could rec me some of the "classics" of this couple. I've had a nosey, but haven't really found anything long to really get lost in - maybe you guys can help?

I love my fics long and twisted and emotional and dark and fluffy and smutty and ... just, you know, EVERYTHING! (Me? Demanding? Nah, neva!) So is there fic out there that is all kinds of long and twisted?

I don't really care about the setting. It can be pre-movie (Budapest, anyone?), AU (I read this one Highschool AU that was BRILLIANT!) or post-movie - everything goes (Uh, well written baby-fic ... it's an unhealthy addiction!)! :D So uhm ... yeah, just throw it all at me :D

Also - I might already be in love with this community. Considering how everything seems to be rainbows and unicorns and nothing hurts (This comm, I like it! ANOTHER!) so .. WEEEE, super excited to be here!

*hugs and rainbow-coloured cupcakes for everyone!*


PS: no, I haven't got proper iconage yet, am on the hunt :P
14 November 2012 @ 04:30 pm
This is highly unorthodox of me (but hopefully not inappropriate) to be posting so very publicly. But desperate times call for desperate measures.

I've been on some sort of an AU kick recently. It's all because of [livejournal.com profile] sarea_okelanis awesome campAU Wet Hot Avengers Summer http://sarea-okelani.livejournal.com/407093.html (I don't know how to make the title a link ): . I've been scouring this bar as well as AO3 for more AUs but it's proving difficult to find ones to my liking since up until very recently, I didn't really like AUs at all. All I seem to find are variations on the theme of superspies and assassins. Which is fine but not what I want.

So what I want is for you, fellow shippers, to give me links. I don't care what the AU world is as long as it's got Clint and Natasha in love by the end of it. With each other. I'm sure many of you are far more organised than me and have actually bookmarked stories you like or can remember if something you've written fits into my description of what I want to read. 

Also whats the policy on prompts here? Cause my head is filled with stuff I want to see our lovely OTP in but I lack the ability to write those stories myself.
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01 November 2012 @ 06:19 pm
Hey guyyyyys, so I have a mix I've made for Natasha, but have this thing about posting music without album artwork, and since I am like, completely and I mean COMPLETELY inept at using any sort of photoshop program I was wondering if anyone would want to make art for me? Hahaha I know this is sort of a ridiculous request, but just thought I'd throw it out there :)
22 October 2012 @ 11:08 am
Okay, serious point now guys. I need answers. Does anybody in America ever use the term 'hoofers' when describing feet?

Actually, I'd be interested to know if anyone other than me ever uses that term. 




And, if not, I need a derogatory term for feet commonly used in America. Okay? Thanks. :D

(Posting on b_c too because it's totally relevant, and, as [livejournal.com profile] im_ridiculous said, I need a more legitimate sample size for my survey. WISE WORDS.)
18 October 2012 @ 08:00 pm

I've been trying to write a couple stories, but I've run into a little bit of a snag when writing when Natasha joined SHIELD. So I have a question for you guys: how old do you think Natasha was when she joined SHIELD? Was she in her teens, early 20s, some other time? I feel like she's been working with Clint for a while, but I don't know exactly how long. What do you guys think?

Also, even though I don't have time to comment, I love this bar. :)

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