Yes, it's that time of year again. Birds are singing and love is in the air.

Sounds like we need our annual Valentine's Day Mini Prompathon, doesn't it? Without further ado...

Now (Tuesday, February 2nd - February 8th 12 midnight eastern: Prompt! Prompt ALL THE THINGS!
February 9th - February 17th (midnight eastern): Fill those prompts like you've never filled prompts before!

Prompts: All things Valentine's Day or love (romantic or otherwise!) related. Friendship? UST? Developing romantic feelings? Badass mission that just so happens to involve obnoxious heart-shaped candies? Excessive consumption of pink cupcakes? Living down by that rivier in Egypt or AoU-compliant? Alternate universes featuring singing elephants dressed as cupids? All are welcome here!

Prompts go in the comments to this post. List each prompt as its own separate comment.

Fills: Post your fill, or a link to your fill - be it fic, art, a video of you preforming an interpretive dance, etc - as a reply to the prompt comment. Please don't post your fanwork separately to the comm, otherwise b_c might explode from the squee. We'll also create a masterlist post updated as fills come in, so rest assured that everyone will see your work!

Please include title, rating, and appropriate warnings in the subject line of your fill.

Prompts may have multiple fills, please give love to your fellow creators!

Okay, best bar! Go wild and share the love!


Thank you to everyone who participated in making this event awesome!