03 May 2017 @ 08:39 pm
Hello and welcome to [community profile] be_compromised!

Here’s a little tour of what we like to call ‘our bar’, as in this is the best bar. Allow me to offer you a true bar welcome: pull up a stool, grab yourself a drink, and get comfy :)

tour behind the cut: about us, things that happen here, rules, and some links relevant to your interests )
14 October 2017 @ 09:53 pm
Hello hello! Apologies for the little SNAFU with the screened comments on our Secret Santa Sign Up post. It has been fixed and sign ups are a-go!

Sign ups are open 'til 0900 on Saturday 21st October. Again, apologies for the mixup!
13 October 2017 @ 10:11 pm
Hello! I’m helping out this year with our Annual Secret Santa! So guys... *drumroll* It’s sign up time!

Please read the following information carefully – we like to tweak things to try and make them better – and please do follow the instructions for the sign up form because it makes everything easier. Thank you!


REQUESTS: from now until 09:00 GMT Saturday 21st October
CHOICES POST: will go up ASAP and be available until 17:00 GMT Friday 28th October
ASSIGNMENTS SENT OUT: by Tuesday 31st October at the latest
SUBMISSION DEADLINE: Midnight (whatever your time zone) Sunday 3rd December
GIFT POSTING STARTS: Sunday 17th December


An exchange is where you sign up with ideas for what kind of gift you’d like and what kind of gift you'd like to give, then everyone gets a gift and makes a gift, and it's all anonymous until reveals at the end. For this exchange gifts can be EITHER a fic OR a gift basket.

This post is to sign up to take part in the exchange. We also like to have a graphics team to make banners for all the gifts. If you would also like to make other graphics goodies, pinch-hit, beta read, and cheerlead, THANK YOU. You can do any or all of these extra things regardless of whether you’re in the exchange or not – either comment to this post or wait until we have a post later on calling for volunteers.



2) Your gifts need to have a focus on Clint and/or Natasha – solo or as friends, partners, lovers, colleagues, spouses, enemies… We love other characters and welcome fics with all pairings and no pairing group gen fics, but the focus of our comm are on these two. SEE THIS POST and message a mod if you have any questions.

3) Fics must be a MINIMUM of 1,000 words and a MAXIMUM of 10,000 words. Gift Baskets are the arty option, but should be the equivalent of the same length fic. They can be made up of art (such as a wallpaper, painting, picset, fanvid, or graphic manip), a fanmix (minimum cover and 5 tracks), icons (minimum 10), or a combination or any of these, or a combination of these and a short fic (minimum 500 words).

4) This is an anonymous exchange, so don’t reveal who your giftee is until after the reveals!


If at any point during this exchange you feel you won’t be able to submit your gift by the deadline please do let us know straight away by email or PM. We don’t yell, we just want to make sure that everyone who participates gets a gift.

To keep things fair, for participants, pinch-hitters, and your mods, if you don’t submit by the deadline a pinch-hitter will automatically be assigned. If you submit by the agreed extension date the pinch-hit will be a community gift. If you don’t submit by the extension then whatever you create will not be posted as part of the exchange and the gift for you will be reassigned as a community gift. We’ll still love you, but please be considerate of your fellow bar members and mods – unlike Santa’s elves your mods can’t work logistical magic.


To take part please copy and paste the sign up form into a comment and fill it in. Instructions are behind the cut.

Comments are screened to keep them anonymous. After the sign up deadline of 09:00 GMT Saturday 21st October we will do a public post of all the requests making them anonymous. You then reply to that post with your top three picks of which requests you’d like to create for. (There will be more information on this in the requests post.)

You’re not guaranteed your choices, but we will be using these to match you up as best we can and will keep to your choices as much as possible. We aim to match everyone up in the best combinations possible, but we make no guarantees of perfection! Please feel free to include lots of info in your sign up form; it actually makes things easier, both for matching and for whoever gets you as an assignment.

Once matching has been done you will receive your assignment by email. We’ll provide information closer to the time on how to submit your gifts, which will be by email to the community email address. Remember, this is an anonymous exchange!

For questions: there’s a thread at the top of this post that we will keep un-screening the comments on so we can chat.


Copy and paste into a comment to this post:


Okay then. HERE WE GO!
13 October 2017 @ 04:47 pm
I am a horrible hostess and got so involved with cleaning and clearing out my office that I forgot my hostessing duties! Oh noes! But it's still Friday and we have a whole fabulous fall weekend ahead of us, so here we go...

Once upon a time, there was a Princess named Emily and she adored bubblebaths. She also adored fandom. Hence, bubblefic was born.

What is bubblefic, you ask? Well, if you want to get technical, it's fic that features a bubblebath. But why should we limit ourselves here? It could be anything related to water--a bath, a shower, a hot tub, a kiddie pool.

Sometimes bubblefic is smutty (cause, hello? nekkid people!), but just as often it's not. Sometimes it's art, sometimes it's a drabble. Sometimes it's just a headcanon. Get creative and show us your bubbles!

As always...

Things to remember:
1) Always label NSFW (Not Safe For Work) stuff in the title and post under a cut.
2) Fic and artwork needs to have a rating and warnings (or you can say that you’ve chosen not to use warnings).
3) For people with annoying internet connections, say in the title if a comment is graphic/images/gif-heavy and post picspams under a cut.
4) Have a damn good time! (Because if that’s not happening then this post has clearly failed.)
09 October 2017 @ 09:11 pm
It might seem like only five minutes ago we were enjoying the summer promptathon - and if you haven't already seen it we have a masterlist of the wonderfulness here - but keep your eyes open for Secret Santa 2017 sign ups coming your way soon!

In the meantime, All The Things Friday is back in business. We already have on potential sign up that I'm looking forward to and then there's Halloween... We have a handy sign up post here where you can sign up (funnily enough), make suggestions, and see what's coming next. If there's anything you'd like to see on the comm, we'd love to hear from you.

And, as ever, we love new community banners if anyone's feeling creative :)

Any challenges/events happening online? Got recs? Anything else relevant to our interests? Let us know in the comments!
09 October 2017 @ 08:47 pm
Title: We Can Get Better
Pairings: Clint/Natasha/Bucky
Rating/Warnings: Explicit (sex, threesome, full body hug as a form of bondage, hypervigilance after a home invasion)
Length: 6540 words
Author Note: Written for musicspeakstoo in the franzi's and gecko's friends write for each other - the reckoning exchange - check it out! - and beta read by [profile] franstastisch. Fraction & Aja & Team's comicsverse, taking place between Clint being in a hospital gown and Clint shooting with Kate at the end of #22.
Summary: Hypervigilance is kicking in. Clint wishes he could sleep for a week, but he won’t even manage a full night. He’s gonna be up each time something moves in his peripheral vision. He’s already turned the stupid hearing aids up to the max. He’ll be checking the locks and the boarded up window every hour probably.

18 September 2017 @ 11:59 pm
Title:  "If It's Gone"
Characters: Clint Barton, Natasha Romanov, Wanda Maximoff, Steve Rogers (others background)
Rating:  Teen
Other:  Non-AoU compliant

Summary:  "We're still friends, right?" "That depends on how hard you hit me."  How hard is too hard?

Written for the 
[personal profile] franztastisch and [personal profile] geckoholic 's friends write for each other exchange, for none other than Franzi herself.  Once and future Clintasha, but to see it here you'd have to squint a little.

Read on AO3

03 September 2017 @ 08:39 pm
256 comments, 6 pages, 17 fills and that's a wrap for Promptathon 2017. Huge thanks to everyone who prompted, created, beta read, commented, waved those cheerleading pompoms, and took part!

If you still have prompt fills that you’re working on or feel inspired by prompts now or in the future, you can still create things for them and post them to the community as usual. We’ll love them; they just won’t count as part of promptathon.

Until next time folks, enjoy reading your way through the masterlist and carry on being amazing! :)

Promptathon 2017 Masterlist )
23 August 2017 @ 05:56 pm
I started this way back in April, but Promptathon gave me the burst of creativity to finish it!

Title: con te partirò
Pairing: Clint/Natasha
Word Count: 14072
Rating: M
Warnings: none
Notes: an initially silly little AU that I lost control of. Thanks [personal profile] kiss_me_cassie for the encouragement!
Summary: After two fruitless years of chasing the mysterious, faceless Black Widow through Europe, Clint finally demands a vacation. Even assassins need time to decompress, and a month exploring Venice is the perfect way to do it, especially in the company of the gorgeous redhead who's staying just next door.
23 August 2017 @ 03:22 pm
So I guess I could have been writing promptathon fills, but instead my brain gave me this. I have no idea guys.

 Little Beast
Parings: none
Rating: M
Warnings: violence, abuse. See story notes
Word count: 3655
Notes: Title and cut quote from Little Beast by Richard Siken. Thanks to [personal profile] geckoholic for encouragement, [personal profile] inkvoices for beta and probably some mild fever dream I didn't notice I was having for everything else.

that’s a nice touch, stains in the night, whiskey and kisses for everyone

22 August 2017 @ 12:07 am
Psst just in case you haven't spotted it at the end of the comments on the main Promptathon post: Promptathon fills have now been extended to Saturday 26th August!

Not quite finished a fill? Think you might be able to scribble something extra? Go for it!
01 August 2017 @ 11:28 pm
 Thought I'd slide this one in before Promptathon, since it's unlikely to fit anyone's prompt...

Author: Alphaflyer
Title: Ex Marks the Spot
Characters: Clint Barton, Maria Hill, Natasha Romanoff, Background: Bobbi Morse, Melinda May, Jessica Drew, Nick Fury
Relationship:  Clint & Natasha; past Clint/Bobbi, Clint/May, Clint/Drew

Summary:  Clint's exes dish; Maria Hill takes notes. Why?

AN:  Based upon an ancient prompt from tielan. The fill has been in my WIP folder for so long that I forgot where, why or when she left it: Maria and the exes, from Clint's POV. I decided to finish the fragments I had when I saw Aggie2011’s cri de coeur on tumblr for "2012-style Clintasha fic". (Not sure this qualifies entirely, but…)

Thanks to [personal profile] franztastisch and thebonesofferalletters for looking this over and not choking on the fluff; it's been through a whack of amendments since, so all glitches and shortcomings are mine. And yes, it's an unapologetic mash-up of MCU and comics canon.

read it on AO3

31 July 2017 @ 02:54 pm
PROMPTATHON 2017: This year's summer Promptathon extravaganza is a go! Prompting is open RIGHT NOW. Fills start Saturday August 5th and end Saturday August 19th.

BROKEN IMAGE LINKS: You may have noticed that most of the comm's images have been replaced with a rather ugly Photobucket broken link image. The main comm layout has now been fixed. The issue is that Photobucket, which is where we host our images, have changed their rules so that to have third party hosting - in other words to save images there and then embed links to them elsewhere - means you now have to have a paid account with them, costing $400 a year. Which for obviously reasons we will not being doing.

We're sorry for the mess. All images are still viewable and downloadable on our Photobucket site if there's any that you would like - we're be_compromised on there too. If anyone has any recommendations for other image hosting sites we're all ears.

COMMUNITY BANNER: Our current colourful banner is from slytheringurrl! If you'd like to make a shiny new banner for our comm then please send them in to be_compromised@hotmail.com
A few rules )

ALL THE THINGS FRIDAY: is on pause during Promptathon. It's been a bit quiet lately at the weekends so after Promptathon is over hopefully we'll have some lovely volunteers and suggestions for ATTF parties - get your thinking caps on :)

Any challenge/events happening online? Got recs? Anything else relevant to our interests? Let us know in the comments!
29 July 2017 @ 10:32 am

Just before we get started we do have some info and rules we’d like you to read…


Step One: leave prompts

Prompts can be anything – simple or elaborate, words or pictures, songs or poems, lyrics or phrases, anything that inspires a fanwork. Use your imagination. Go wild! All we ask is that you place anything NSFW behind a cut or link, use warnings where appropriate, and spoiler-cut anything spoiler-ish.

The focus of prompts should be Natasha and/or Clint, individually or as friends, lovers, spouses, partners, in gen fic, ANYTHNG. That means we do welcome other characters and pairings (and threesomes or moresomes) as long as Clint and/or Natasha is there somewhere. See here for more info, and always feel free to ask a mod if you have any questions – there’s even a handy questions thread at the top of the promptathon below.

Leave as many prompts as you want. We’re serious. Keep coming back. We want as many prompts as we can possibly get. Just make sure each prompt is in a separate comment.

Step two: squee

Been wanting to jump into the fandom but not sure where to start? Now’s the time. Newbie or a lurker? Here’s the perfect opportunity to say hello! Promptathon is a fun, no-pressure environment. If all you want to do is post prompts and share in the squee, you’re more than welcome! And by squee we mean chatting in the chat thread, replying to prompts to chat about prompts, and just lots of excitement all over the place.

Step three: submit fanworks like there’s no tomorrow

The usual Community Rules apply. There’s no length requirement on fanworks submitted. You can write drabbles or epics, vids, art, fanmixes, anything at all; it’s just all about getting creative! You can fill as many prompts as you want, and prompts can be filled multiple times by whoever wants to fill them.


1. Respond in a comment to the prompt you are filling. Try and post the entire work in the comment (if it's short enough), or if not, post a link. Do not post works to the comm. We’re all about one-stop shopping, so try and post in the main promptathon post if the length allows. If it is too long to post in the promptathon post, consider posting the first section as a teaser and then a link (because that's always fun too.)

2. Label your submission in the subject line with FILL, the type of fanwork, your title, and any warnings. Example: FILL fic: 5 Times Clint and Natasha Were Awesome (PG) When filling in the subject line, you may need to view the comm in it's original style (if you don't already). Just make sure you can see a subject line when responding with your submission.

3. Be sure to leave ratings and warnings (if any) in the subject line. (See example above.) Help us out and make sure folks know what they're clicking on. Thoughtfulness = LOVE. If the ratings or the warnings won't fit in the subject line, just leave them at the top of your post. If you don't want to include warnings, please put 'I choose not to warn' in the subject line, or again at the top of the post if it doesn't fit.

4. Please put anything NSFW under a cut or link. Put any spoilers under a cut or link with an appropriate warning.


Fills Start: SATURDAY, AUGUST 5, 2017
Fills End: SATURDAY, AUGUST 19. That's two weeks, my lovelies!


Thanks to everyone who participated!

28 July 2017 @ 11:48 pm
Happy Friday people of the bar!

That summer time of promptathon is almost upon us, so this weekend we're stretching those creative muscles.

1) Leave a short prompt in a comment. You can leave as many prompts as you like, but please put each prompt in seperate comment.

2) Reply to prompts with three sentence fics or a fic in 100 words exactly. You can reply to as many prompts as you like and prompts can have multiple fills. The more writing the better! And, if so inclined, feel free to reply in graphic or icon form instead.

3) Have fun! And get that practise in before promptathon!

Things to remember:
1) Always label NSFW (Not Safe For Work) stuff in the title and post under a cut.
2) Fic and artwork needs to have a rating and warnings (or you can say that you’ve chosen not to use warnings).
3) For people with annoying internet connections, say in the title if a comment is graphic/images/gif-heavy and post picspams under a cut.
4) Have a damn good time! (Because if that’s not happening then this post has clearly failed.)
13 July 2017 @ 03:30 pm
Hey Best Bar!

A while back I got some really great advice on how overcome the over-editing monster. I have a follow up question to that point. When do you guys edit multiple chapter fics? At the end of each chapter or at the very end of the story? I took a leap and entered into this years Marvelbigbang. I'm doing pretty good at not editing while actively writing. But I'm close to being finished with chapter one hence the question. Personally I feel that if I wait until the end of the novella I'll be too far removed from chapter one. Anyway, I'm curious to hear your thoughts.

Thanks all!
05 July 2017 @ 08:41 am
Hi guys! Our ATTF is more like an ATTWednesday this week. Whoops.

Today we're talking about The News. As international spies and assassins, Clint and Natasha have to keep up with the news. Which broadcasters do they follow? Do they make bets over where they will be sent on missions? Do they express opinions about stuff going on in the world or do they try to stay fairly neutral?

Or on the flipside, do Clint and Natasha get reported on in the news now that they have a public profile? What sort of things are said about them? Are they reported about in trashy tabloids? How do they feel about the things said about them?

Thoughts, opinions and fics/recs are more than welcome.

Also, a reminder to you lovely people that we are still planning to have our summer promptathon. Stay tuned!
23 June 2017 @ 09:13 am
Happy Friday, everyone!

The solstice this week means that's officially summer! If you love summer, it's the season for fireworks, popsicles, and visits to the beach; if you hate it, summer means mosquitoes, sweltering humidity, and broken air conditioning. Think about some of these:

>How do our favorite assassins prefer to use their summer? Would Natasha prefer to spend her summer vacation rock climbing in China or lounging by the beach? How often does Clint organize a barbecue at the Tower (and/or burn everything he tries to grill, potentially)?
>Embarrassing vacation moments
>Navigating vacation spots (for example, the time my husband and I drank too much wine in Venice and then had to figure out the water bus system...)
>Vacation spots they'd never want to return to OR
>Mission destinations that someone wishes was a vacation destination

No matter how you feel about summer, pull up at stool at the bar and tell us about your summer headcanons, rec us something summery that you love, write us a little comment fic, and/or tell us what you're doing this summer!

Things to remember:
1) Always label NSFW (Not Safe For Work) stuff in the title and post under a cut.
2) Fic and artwork needs to have a rating and warnings (or you can say that you’ve chosen not to use warnings).
3) For people with annoying internet connections, say in the title if a comment is graphic/images/gif-heavy and post picspams under a cut.
4) Have a damn good time! (Because if that’s not happening then this post has clearly failed.)
30 May 2017 @ 07:30 pm

Title: Going to the Chapel
[Bad username or site: enigma71, @ livejournal.com][Bad username or site: crazy4orcas, & @ livejournal.com] [personal profile] kiss_me_cassie 
Characters: Clint, Natasha, minor Tony Stark, minor Darcy Lewis
Rating: Explicit
Word count: 7207
Warnings: None 

"Tell me Stark hasn't asked you a thousand leading questions hoping you'll slip up and say something about our relationship."

"He's not exactly subtle about it. But that's not the same as thinking we're married. Or the same as actually getting married."

"No, it isn't, but that still doesn't answer my question. What do you say? Will you marry me?"

Wedding Collage.jpg
Notes: The lovely wedding collage is by weddings4fandom, who was gracious enough to give us permission to use it. Thank you so much for the inspiration!

Heavy imagery within the text. Images are not ours.

Special thanks to shenshen77 for the awesome beta and encouragement.

21 May 2017 @ 12:31 pm
Title: neither flesh nor fleshless
Characters: Clint, Natasha
Rating: T
Word count: 1210
Warnings: a brief mention of non-con (capitol-forced prostitution)
A/N: Hunger Games au. Unbeta'd and unfinished (and will probably always be) Title from T.S Eliot's Four Quartets.

Natasha Romanoff wins her hunger games by killing everything in her sight.

She is lethal – all sharp edges and deadly smiles, red hair tucked under her jacket, and a loaded gun permanently in her hand. She is the wind, knocking the life out of any tribute she sees. She does what she is told to do – has been told to do since she was picked off the streets in Two - kill, kill and kill.

Twenty-three cannons fire. She is responsible for eighteen of them.

ao3. http://archiveofourown.org/works/10954884