27 January 2013 @ 03:00 pm
Hi all! It’s time to choose which banner you’d like to see gracing the top of our community for next month. We’ve had eight entries for February’s theme of ‘love’ and I’ve had longer to look at them than the rest of you and I still can’t decide between them! But a choice is just gonna have to be made. We have until Midnight GMT on Thursday 31st January to place our votes. Everyone can vote, including banner makers, but only one vote per person.

In no particular order, here are February’s entries:

Banner One

Banner Two

Banner Three

Banner Four

Banner Five

Banner Six

Banner Seven

Banner Eight

To vote: comment on this post with the number of the banner you’d like to win at the top of your comment as a word and in capital letters eg. NINE If you want to say anything else in your comment (praise, questions, whatever) please do that as a new paragraph, or leave a line or something, so that there’s no confusion over which banner you’re voting for. Thanking you!
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